Delivery of 975 P 200-150-600 type double suction pump

Q = 350 m3/h; H = 80 m;
Medium: oily emulsion
Customer: DWA-Dunaferr Voest Alpine Hideghengermű Kft. /Cold-rolling Ltd./
Remark: the customer provided the motor driving the pump with a Rexnord Omega coupling.


Overhaul of INOXIHP Italian made high-pressure piston-pumps.

Type: PF-193-L
Q = 160 litre/minute
p = 230 bar
Medium: descaling water

To see in what condition these pumps arrived at our plant just have a look at the pictures...

After estimating the need for components a part of them was ordered from the manufacturer and the remaining was produced in our plant.
These pictures were taken during the assembly work.

As you can see, the overhauled pumps look quite different before delivery.
Customer: DAM Steel Rt.
Remark: These pumps are very similar to the commonly known WOMA pumps with respect operation and function. From this results that you can trust us without hesitation to overhaul WOMA pumps, even if we should provide the parts.

Overhaul of Allweiler Houttuin made pumps

Type: 216.118
Q = 81 m3/h
Differential pressure = 8 bar
Medium: heavy fuel oil

The pumps were taken to our plant in a relatively good technical condition.

Customer: AES Tisza II. Power-plant

Function of the pump: Drawing heavy fuel oil from tank wagons and filling heavy fuel oil into them.

After disassembly it was found that the list of defects described by the customer was very accurate.

Mainly bearings and slide-ring seals were damaged and they had to be replaced.
No wear could be observed on transporting elements (i.e. screw spindles).

Production of vynil chlorid calibration pumps incorporating Chesterton FrameM bearing housing, Buffalo Standard 200-150-500 worm box and impeller, and LOHER electric motors.

Q = 100 m3/h; H = 111 m;

Remark: the pump operates in the left-hand range from work point of best efficiency (350 m3/h; H = 76 m), in a rather suppressed mode.
This means wear and tear for the shaft, mechanical seal and bearings.

Overhaul of grinders

Based on the commission of Envirokomplex Környezetvédelmi Kft. (Environmental Protection Ltd.) we performed the overhaul of certain parts of the horizontal shaft grinding mill produced by Jászberényi Aprítógépgyár (Jászberény Shredder Making Plant) decades before.


After sand blasting we coated the heavily worn elements of the inlet and outlet ends with type Chesterton ARC 897 super wear-proof material.
We fixed armour-plating segments made of Hardox 400 material on the repaired surfaces.


The joining surfaces of the inlet and outlet pipe-ends, and the seats for bearings were machined using boring-and-turning mill.

According to the designer's conception we made some new elements, as well.

Our customer, Envirokomplex Kft, performs the assembly work of the grinders.

Overhaul of rotors of ROWA make, slurry-circulating pumps

As part of the desulphurizer equipment the pump circulates the liquid.
The medium contains slightly corrosive and abrasive grains.
The evidence of this requisition can be seen on the rotors after about a half-year operation.

We have coated the rotors with type Chesteron ARC 897 super wear-proof composite material, thus restoring their original geometry.
The results are excellent:
Signs of wearing on the overhauled rotors can hardly be observed after 9 months of operation and their weight decreased by 0,5%.

And one more important fact: the cost of the overhaul is only 40% of the price of the new rotors.

Installing Roots type vacuumpumps, sewage water station, Location: Verpelét, Vikom Ltd.